Keys Snowbird services, LLC

Home Watch.  Maintenance.  Rental Turnover.  Hurricane Prep.  Handyman Services

 For 2017 Off-Season, Home Check-Up Arrangements, call 305 570-9541

​Keys Snowbird Services, LLC was founded, owned and operated by Joe McBrearty.

Like many others, I have owned property in the Keys for several years. I know first-hand the struggles of being a remote owner/snowbird/landlord. Over the years, the amount  of help requests from stressed-out homeowners convinced me that Keys Snowbird Services was needed and necessary.

My professional background is in Funeral Service and property management, both in Florida and Pennsylvania. I am detail oriented, and am able to get things done. I am hands-on with every task we are hired to do. The business is licensed and insured. 

When you leave a property for a substantial amount of time, the Florida environment attempts to intrude and take over your house! Simple things like water evaporating in your sink or toilet traps can lead to intrusion of not only insects, but sewer gas. Scheduled monitoring can eliminate this issue.

Some of the things we do, but are not limited to; Property checks, cleaning, repairs, painting, deliveries, hurricane preparation, arrival preparation, departure cleanups, basic yard cleanup and mulching, shopping to stock the fridge, snowbird auto starts, and many other tasks.

Our pricing is based on the task requested. For example a monthly home check/inspection is only $30 a visit or $ 50. for bi-weekly. Other pricing for cleaning, painting or other work, is based on $30. per hour, plus supplies. A written quote will always be given to you prior to any work being done.

Call us!  We will show up on time, and on budget! We are happy to help!

About us, and what we do!